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In 2011 China's concrete admixture development trend seminar held in Beijing

Date:   2011/5/6

China building materials association of concrete admixtures branch
In response to the national 12th five-year plan for construction market opportunities and challenges, improve product quality and market competitiveness, on April 11 ~ 13, 2011, China building materials association of concrete admixtures branch was held in Beijing "China concrete admixture development trends seminar", from the concrete admixture manufacturing enterprises, admixture raw materials production enterprises, admixture equipment production enterprise, admixture automation design and engineering application, research institutes, colleges and universities, such as more than 160 delegates attended the meeting.
Meeting about the national related industry demand for additive product, admixture raw materials supply information and automation technology, industry standards, admixture products and new technology made a special report on the 19 content invited experts. Meeting the main content includes:
Macro development and demand, structure materials of China institute of water resources and hydropower research institute professor guo-jin ji, chang 'an university, dean of the school of materials science and engineering professor Chen Shuanfa, the beijing-shanghai railway company Lu Zuwen researcher, the Beijing municipal highway supervision co., LTD., Beijing rail transit goods concrete general supervision engineer office Yin Zhaoxu the general supervision engineer, a researcher at the ministry of railways product quality supervision and inspection center jun-wei wang countries such as water and electricity, roads, railways and other industry experts respectively in Chinese hydropower development trend of hydraulic concrete properties and admixtures industry demand, application prospect of five-year highway traffic development and admixture, railway transportation market opportunities and challenges at home and abroad, Beijing rail transit development planning and application of the additive in subway construction, concrete admixture standard change and to test the effect of railway concrete aspects introduces the national construction development direction and the requirement and application of admixture.
Raw material supply and automation technology, Liaoning Oxiranchem, Inc., chairman of jien-ming jue ding long autumn day technology co., LTD. And Beijing general manager yun-tao ma introduced the admixtures industry widely concern about the poly carboxylic acid salt is a high performance water reducing agent raw materials and additives for the design and application of automation production safety interlocks two aspects of content, additive manufacturing enterprises more timely and dynamically grasp the poly carboxylic acid raw material supply information and automation technology.
- the industry standard for concrete admixture production safety requirements and the requirements of concrete admixture of cleaner production technology industry standards of production enterprises to formulate and admixture is closely related to the future development, the two standards will be completed at the end of 2011. Meeting two standard units and support units, jiaxing college, editor-in-chief of hong-fei liu institute of civil engineering, China building materials association of concrete admixtures branch Zhao Xia engineers, supervision and administration of production safety, xiangcheng district for administration section Shen Jianrong section chief is permitted environmental technology research center, Beijing Xie Yu completely, suzhou development, chemical building materials co., LTD., general manager of Mao Rongliang for the safety production requirements of concrete admixtures and concrete admixture of cleaner production technology requirements formulation background, purpose and contents of the two standards are introduced, such as from the state safety regulators and enterprise self monitoring, environmental assessment agencies and admixture Angle has carried on the deep discussion.
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